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Play It Safe With Sports Mouth Guards

lacrosse playerKnocked-out teeth, broken crowns or fillings, jaw damage and more. These are all casualties that can arise from playing contact sports. While you may be focused on your game time strategy before a match, remember to include a critical form of dental defense: a customised mouth guard.

Mouth guards shield the mouth from a damaging blow such as a collision. At Go Dental Surgery, we want to ensure that our sports-playing patients keep their pearly whites protected.

What Are the Benefits of a Customised Mouth Guard?

While sporting goods stores carry mouth guards, we believe that customised ones are superior for many reasons. They

  • Form a snug fit around the teeth
  • Are more comfortable
  • Are made of high-quality material
  • Allow you to breathe and speak normally

An Easy Process

The process of getting a mouth guard is easy and straightforward. During the evaluation, we will take a painless and relatively quick impression of your teeth that will be used to create your customised mouth guard. It only takes a day or two to create the piece. Our mouth guards are also available in a range of colours so you can have one made in your favourite hue or your team’s colours.

Mouth Guards Are Mandatory

Here in WA, a mouth guard must be worn by juniors ages 5-18. They are also compulsory for adults to wear in all contact sports. Children’s dental-fitted mouth guards (at least one per year) are typically covered by major healthcare funds in Australia.

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