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Our Dentists at Go Dental Surgery

We are a caring mother-daughter team, providing high-quality dental care with a gentle touch in Gosnells. We enjoy welcoming our patients as part of the family and providing them with the knowledge and tools to improve their oral health.

Dr Janie Goh, dentist GosnellsDr Janie Goh, BDS

Treating patients as a whole is important! I focus not only on your dental needs but also your overall health and nutrition.

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Dr Tiffany Goh, dentist GosnellsDr Tiffany Goh, BDS

I enjoy helping, educating and motivating people to achieve healthy beautiful smiles. It is very rewarding to see people enjoy the benefits of good dental health!

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Dr Benjamin Luu, dentist GosnellsDr Benjamin Luu, BDS

I was inspired to become a dentist when I realized how rewarding a role in dentistry would be in making a difference to someone’s life.

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Dr Stephen DoyleDr Stephen Doyle, Dentist

I do general dentistry but have a particular interest in minor oral surgery – particularly wisdom tooth removal. I have extracted more than 40,000 teeth!

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Dr Zheng Yao Cheng, BDSDr-Zheng-small

I’ve always been fascinated by the medical field and human body. I joined the St John Brigade when I was 13 in Singapore and learned first aid there.

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Dr Sarmah (Jeff) Nayeem, DMD

I was inspired to become a dentist because I enjoy interacting with patients and hearing about their life stories. When I can improve their life in any way inspires and motivates me to continue as a dentist.”
similar to the current ones on that page.

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