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Gosnells Dental Implant Solutions

dental implants GosnellsReplacing missing teeth has never been more predictable than it is with the modern dental implant. Our Gosnells family dentists can complete your entire surgical and restorative processes right here in our practice. We also work with a local implant surgeon to assist in more complex cases.

What Are Implants?

A dental implant is an artificial root that is anchored inside of your jaw. As new bone osseointegrates with your implant, it secures it permanently into place. Like a natural tooth, implants are maintained with routine home care and preventative checkups.

They can be used to support:

  • Individual dental crowns
  • Multiple-tooth bridges
  • Full mouth dentures

During your consultation, we will take a 3D Cone Beam scan of your mouth with a surgical stent in place to determine the angulation of your future implant. Once we have this information, we can finalise the treatment plan, review the costs involved and prepare the necessary procedures.

Phases of Treatment

Implant therapy is broken up into three phases of treatment.

Stage 1: In this first phase, the implant is surgically placed. We usually allow for about eight weeks for the bone to heal after an extraction before placing an implant. When necessary, we can also include a temporary replacement tooth (particularly at the front of the mouth).

Stage 2: This phase, which begins about three months later, is comprised of uncovering the internal screw and placing a healing cap over the gums. An impression is also taken to design the crown or other prosthesis that is to be made.

Stage 3: In this final stage of implant treatment, the crown, bridge or denture is permanently anchored onto the implants. Another alternative is to use button-like attachments for a removable denture to be anchored more securely throughout the day.

Welcome to Go Dental SurgeryContact UsYou’ll never know if implants are right for you until you schedule a consultation with a trusted provider. Contact Go Dental Surgery today to book a no-hassle evaluation with one of our Gosnells implant dentists.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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