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Coffee Stains Should Not Get You Down!

woman sitting on sofa with coffee mugLet us guess – you love coffee, but you hate the nasty stains it leaves behind? We knew it.

People both young and old suffer from stained or discoloured teeth. Tobacco products, dark-coloured food and beverages, and sweet treats are a few of the many reasons patients come to us in hopes of brighter, pearly whites.

Go Dental Surgery is glad to offer a lasting solution to darkened teeth – Pola® Office Advanced Tooth Whitening System can give you white teeth for years to come. Learn more about this quick and easy way to achieve a whiter smile!

Start Here

When people lack confidence in their teeth, they tend to have a hard time deciding where to begin chasing their ideal smile. For most patients, even with crooked teeth – increased brightness is all that is needed to feel significantly better about their ear-to-ear grin.

We are glad to answer any questions you have for us along the way!

Why Pola®?

Unfortunately, teeth discolouration is common. Most people with unwanted stains have tried to brighten their smiles with drugstore-grade whitening options and failed to achieve the results they desired. If this sounds relatable – you are not alone! Over-the-counter gels and strips often produce little to no obvious difference. Pola® Office Advanced Tooth Whitening System is a straightforward, fast-acting alternative.

Although professional teeth whitening procedures may be a bit more expensive, the difference they make is undeniable. Stop throwing your money at faulty gels and strips. Invest in your future – choose Pola®!

In-Chair Benefits

Are you still unsure which teeth whitening option is best for you? Consider the day-to-day responsibility of take-home kits versus in-chair procedures as well as how quickly results are seen.

While store-bought whitening options can take months to make a difference, in-chair teeth whitening is a quick and simple option for patients who are exhausted of having a discoloured smile. Only one hour of your time can leave you with bright, white teeth.

The Choice Is Yours!

We understand the appeal of at-home whitening products, but not all people have the time it takes to get the results they want. In-chair whitening is quick and easy, requiring one hour or less to see an immediate difference.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. You have the most knowledge about your lifestyle. However, if you can find one hour in your week to spare – your teeth will thank you for using Pola® Office professional teeth whitening!

How Do I Prepare?

Preparation for in-chair teeth whitening is simple. All you have to do is come in, and we will do our best to provide you with the care you deserve! While we apply professional-strength gel to your teeth and accelerate the whitening process by focusing a special LED light on your mouth, you just sit back and relax. Before you know it, your teeth will be whiter than ever before!

At Go Dental Surgery, we hope to see all our patients happy with their smiles. We are here to support you in any way possible. Contact our practice with any questions you may have regarding Pola® Advanced Tooth Whitening. We are happy to give you additional information!

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