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ClearCorrect Aligners – Your Dream Smile Come True

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Have you been looking for subtle yet effective answer to your crooked teeth or unwanted gaps? Look no further. Go Dental Surgery is proud to offer ClearCorrect aligners. These clear aligners straighten teeth without the added hassle and discomfort of metal braces. Invisible, removable, and made right here in America, these aligners allow you to show off your smile as you see results. Let us help you make your dream smile a reality today.

How It Works

1. Make an appointment. ClearCorrect is a dental lab that designs aligners based on a doctor’s prescription. To get started on your journey to a healthier smile, you must first speak with our Go Dental Surgery professionals.
2. Get evaluated. Once we determine you are a good candidate for clear aligners, we will take photos and x-rays, as well as utilise a scanner or impressions, to perfectly capture the unique shape of your teeth.
3. Use your aligners. As soon as your prescription is submitted to ClearCorrect, they begin creating invisible aligners specifically for you. While Go Dental Surgery is responsible for managing your treatment, ClearCorrect is dedicated to creating a series of clear aligners customised to apply pressure to teeth that you want to move. Throughout your time using ClearCorrect aligners, we will periodically observe your progress and supply you with new sets of aligners as needed.

Lasting Results

To achieve long-lasting, durable results, you must wear the aligners for a minimum of 22 hours per day, progressing through each step until your treatment is complete. You can expect an average of two to three weeks per step. Because individual needs vary from patient to patient, successful treatment can take anywhere from months to a few years. Depending on the complexity of the case, retainers are often prescribed after treatment to maintain results. No matter how long it takes, ClearCorrect is committed to making your perfect smile come to life.

Go Dental Surgery can help you say goodbye to your smile insecurities.

Payment Plans

We understand that affordability is on the brain! Complexity of the treatment, your location, and several other factors are taken into consideration when determining cost. Each doctor sets their own fees, but rest assured, ClearCorrect prices are generally comparable to other orthodontic options and Go Dental Surgery prices remain competitive. Monthly payment plans are also available to make your ideal smile both affordable and budget friendly (terms and conditions apply). Contact Go Dental Surgery for further details.

Be Proud of Your Smile

Go Dental Surgery believes in ClearCorrect’s transparent, customised solution to mild to moderate crowding. Contact our practice today to learn more and schedule your visit. Your dream smile awaits!

Schedule your appointment with our practice today to learn more about ClearCorrect’s transparent, custom solution for mild to moderate crowding.

Call (08) 9398 1427 to book your appointment or book online.

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