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Why Wait to Smile Bigger and Brighter?

woman in blue with straight white teethLife is short – you deserve to have complete confidence in your smile!

Say goodbye to your teeth insecurities and hello to a smile you cannot wait to share. To help you achieve the smile of your dreams, Go Dental Surgery proudly offers several cosmetic dentistry procedures, including:

In-Chair Teeth Whitening – Our practice uses with Pola® Office professional teeth whitening. In just one visit, you can reduce the effects of years of unwanted discolouration.

Dental Veneers – Composite or porcelain dental veneers are designed to resolve visible wear on your teeth. Simple cases will benefit from composite veneers. For complex cases, however, porcelain veneers tend to last longer and appear more naturally.

Dental Bonding and Tooth Recontouring – We see many patients that require minor corrections. Organic wear and tear on the teeth can be polished out or reshaped without invasive dental work.

You can enhance your smile in no time at all with the help of teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental bonding or tooth recontouring, or a combination of the three.

Why wait to smile bigger and brighter? We look forward to providing you with care that aligns with your concerns, long-term goals, and budget. With us – your dream smile is within reach!

Healthy Restoration

Each patient has different reasons for wanting a smile makeover. From minimal discolouration to noticeable gaps – we have seen it all. There are many dental imperfections that bring people into see us for smile makeovers, such as:

  • Stained or discoloured teeth
  • Chipped or uneven enamel
  • Crooked teeth
  • Short teeth (also known as “gummy smiles”)
  • Missing or broken teeth

Do you relate to any of the above dental flaws? Our dentists are here to help you determine which improvements you would like to make to your smile.

Your Personalised Makeover

At Go Dental Surgery, smile makeovers are all about combining restorative techniques to improve your smile. By marrying teeth whitening, dental veneers, and bonding or tooth recontouring, you can smile without insecurity!

You can rest assured knowing that your smile makeover will be unique to you! Our dentists are proud to provide each patient with a personal plan of care. Of course, we’ll always consider your needs, timeline and budget.

Speaking of Timeline

A common concern of patients is the length of time it will take to achieve desired results.

Each patient requires a special combination of cosmetic dentistry procedures. This makes every timeline unique. While it is hard to predict the time that it will take to complete your smile makeover, most of our services are followed by a quick noticeable change.

Flexible Pay

We understand the importance of affordable care. We offer several payment options to ensure that quality dental care is available. For your convenience, we have partnered with the following service providers:

  • Smile Right
  • SuperCare
  • DentiCare
  • Pretty Penny Finance

We look forward to getting to know you and helping bring your smile dreams to life! Contact us today – your smile makeover awaits you!

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