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Myobrace for Straighter Teeth Without Braces!

Myobrace for Straighter Teeth Without Braces!

myobrace Gosnells

No-braces system suitable for kids, teens and adults at Go Dental Surgery

Want a straighter, confidence-boosting smile without having to wear traditional braces? We have the ideal solution for you with Myobrace.

Discover the Exceptional Benefits 

Dr Goh loves bringing the Myobrace alternative to Gosnells patients because it’s proven; it’s been used for over 20 years in more than 100 countries. This alternative to braces is also simple: an on-and-off orthodontic appliance and muscle training are all you need. Myobrace is corrective as it treats underlying poor oral habits. It’s also suitable for all ages: children, teens and adults can get help with crowding or overbites.  Less expensive than traditional braces, Myobrace is a cost-effective and sensible solution. 

Whether for your child or yourself, Myobrace tackles overbites or poor alignment, which can not only make one feel self-conscious but can also result in breathing and sleep issues. Myobrace gets beneath the reason for crowding and addresses airway issues at the same time.

It’s so Simple

In just two sessions, Dr Goh spells out all the questions and provides answers, details the process and costs involved and then issues your appliances with some simple muscle activities. Treatment generally entails appliance wear for only one or two hours a day plus overnight, with monthly muscle training activity sessions. 

When Can We Start?

For you, immediately! For children, it’s a lot sooner than you think: Traditional braces aren’t used until approximately 12 years of age, but the Myobrace system takes advantage of correcting habits and making use of the growth potential in children as young as 3. However, the ideal age group for starting is between 5 and 10, when children are old enough to understand and change habits. 

With Myobrace, Dr Goh and the Go Dental Surgery team can

  • Identify and treat issues earlier than usual, as well as later for pre-teens, teens and adults
  • Address poor oral habits that are the real cause of crooked teeth, without traditional braces
  • Save you money as Myobrace is often more affordable than traditional braces 

Experience the Myobrace difference for yourself! We have extended hours, and you can book online, so it’s easy to find a convenient time that suits you. 

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