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Sleep Apnoea and Therapy in Gosnells

fix sleep problemsA healthy smile is a reflection of a healthy body. At Go Dental Surgery, Gosnells families have been entrusting their oral health to our mother-daughter dental team for over 40 years.

We believe that it’s vital to screen for underlying conditions that can impact your dental and overall health. This visit includes assessing your bite for signs of sleep apnoea, TMJ disorder or grinding (bruxism).

Sleep Disorders

During your evaluation, we will assess your oral anatomy for signs of airway resistance and sleep apnoea. This screening can include observation of positioning of the tongue and whether or not you grind your teeth (a symptom of sleeping disorders).

If red flags are identified, we will bring them to your attention and have you complete a sleep questionnaire. An appropriate medical referral will be made if further investigation is needed. In certain cases, a sleep study may also be necessary.

3D Scans

Airway obstruction and TMJ disorder are best assessed with the use of a 3D scan made here in our practice. This image allows us to evaluate the anatomical structures of the jaw joint and nasal passages for a comprehensive analysis of each patient.

Depending on the underlying causes of your sleep apnoea, TMJ disorder or clenching, an oral appliance may be recommended. These customised devices alleviate the stressors that are influencing your condition.

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